Interpersonal Skills


Good interpersonal skills are essential for every aspect of life since they are the building blocks of all human relationships. A company's business is dependent not only on the excellence of its products or services but also on the ability of its employees to work in harmony. The ability to develop effective working relationships with others is vital for the success of any company and for every individual in that company. This two-day course is designed to help participants to become aware of the significance of good communication skills at work and to come to a better understanding of themselves in order to enhance their natural strengths and abilities in dealing with people at all levels and in a wide variety of working situations.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to :

Who Should Attend ?

All those for whom successful interaction with others is a vital part in their role and for those who wish to enhance their professional performance by improving their interpersonal skills.

Course Content

Organisational communication
Sending and receiving / coding and decoding messages
The barriers to effective communication
Listening skills
Passing the message
The ABC of Human Communication
The Johari Window


Class Size Up to 10 participants.
Learning Method: Presentations, practical examples, class discussion and exercises
Course Duration 2 Days
Course Availability & Location The course is delivered at the customer's own premises and scheduled to suit their own requirements.
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